Is an Online Health Science Degree Worth it?

If you would like to earn an online health science degree, it is important that you assess how the degree is perceived by recruiters and hiring managers first.

In the past, online degrees were branded with a scarlet letter because of all of the diploma mills that existed. Now, there is a very reliable accreditation process that is used to set the standard in curriculum development and instruction, but in some industries online degrees are far more acceptable than in others.

If you want to weigh the cost and value of a degree in health science, read on and find out what you need to know.

What Careers Can You Pursue with a Degree in Health Science?

Before you even choose to major in health science, you should be familiar with the types of careers that you can pursue after studying health science curriculum. Health science is a very broad field with a wide range of occupations. What type of career you can pursue depends upon the type of degree that you earn.

Since you will study math, technology, applied science, health informatics and biotechnology, you will be ready to work in many different settings that include hospitals, dental offices, health informatics, research and development and community health agencies. Some of the titles you can hold include:

* Audiologist
* Athletic trainer
* Lab technician
* Medical technologist
* Dental assistant
* Medical assistant
* Occupational therapist
* Pharmacy technician

How are Online Degrees Majoring in Health Science Perceived?

Since most students are pursuing their health sciences degree to work in the medical field, you might be skeptical as to how your online degree would be perceived. After all, you will need to know how to apply what you learn in a health setting to be successful. Since a health science degree is an interdisciplinary STEM degree that combines subjects in health technology and science, how your degree is perceived will vary among employers.

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If you enroll at an online institution that is well-known for working with larger healthcare settings to create curriculum, the employers might value your degree. If, however, you choose a degree in this field of study with a less than reputable school without a good reputation, you might find that your online status will hold you back.

Is Accreditation Important?

To avoid diploma mills or sub par curriculum, you should focus on enrolling in only health science programs that are accredited. There is more than one type of accreditation, but it is especially important that you look for a school with a programmatic accreditation through a largely known agency. One specialized agency that sets the standard in health sciences is the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs. You can also look into the school’s status if they strictly offer online programs through the Distance Education and Training Council, Accrediting Commission.

After you decide what career you want to pursue and what school you want to attend, you will be better able to weigh opportunity cost. You need to consider the cost of schooling, how much salary you are missing out on while you study, and how much you could potentially earn after you graduate. Once you have assessed the numbers, you will be better able to decide if it is worth it to earn an online Health Science degree.