What Jobs are Available in Health Policy?

Health PolicyAs healthcare reform takes a front seat priority in the federal government, jobs available in health policy are growing faster than ever. America’s healthcare expenditures become the highest of any developed country worldwide by exceeding the $2 trillion mark each year. It is clear that healthcare is a monstrous sector of our economy with a lot of problems that could be greatly improved. Therefore, the health policy field is in high demand for qualified professionals who can address current pressing issues, including health workforce shortages, an aging baby boomer population, global health epidemics, and health disparities, according to The Chicago Tribune. Read on to learn about three of the most popular job titles in health policy to begin improving healthcare services for all Americans.

Health Policy Analyst

Health policy analysts are highly trained policy making professionals who are given the responsibility of conducting the research and analysis required for establishing the best healthcare policies for improving our nation’s overall well-being. With the most popular health policy job title, analysts utilize various health-related statistical data to confirm the efficiency of proposed healthcare policies as well as to create justifications for policy improvements. Typically, health policy analysts work behind the scenes in public health departments, hospitals, government agencies, research firms, district health boards, and other non-government health organizations to ensure citizens have access to high-quality, affordable healthcare services.

Health Administrator

Although individuals often believe that the role of health administrator simply involves managing the daily operations of hospitals, medical group practices, or nursing homes, there are plenty of job opportunities available for health administrators in health policy too. Many administrators branch out by pursuing careers in local, state, regional, federal, or international organizations to help shape healthcare policies. Health administrators employed in government agencies often are involved in legislative processes to form decisions, plans, and actions that are designed to achieve specific healthcare goals within our society. Administrators can find health policy jobs at the Food and Drug Administration, Center for Disease Control, Red Cross, American Hospital Association, and much more to enhance today’s healthcare system.

Public Health Lawyer

Often noted for having one of the highest-paying health policy jobs, public health lawyers are involved in drafting policies that aim to progress our nation’s general health. According to the National Association of County and City Health Officials, public health lawyers often find employment with local, state, or national legislatures to advocate for patients’ rights and ensure policies do not violate accepted healthcare standards. In some cases, public health lawyers will also be involved in pursuing lawsuits against pharmaceutical companies, insurance carriers, and other health groups in a court of law. As a result, public health lawyers need to graduate from an approved law school and have a license to practice law, so pursuing a dual MPH/JD degree program is advised.

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Do you find yourself questioning how our government can improve healthcare access for medically underserved populations, how policies can repair our frayed public health infrastructure, what the best policy solutions would be to address growing epidemics, or what public health professionals can do to develop healthier city environments? Then, you would be the perfect fit for pursuing any of these jobs available in health policy to stand on the forefront of making a positive difference in the development of better healthcare delivery systems.