What is the Best Major to Compliment my Health Science Degree?

health scienceWhile attaining a degree in Health Science is a great step towards personal and professional fulfillment, many people find themselves wanting to return to school to attain another degree. Doing so can be advantageous for several reasons, including the fact that it can afford you opportunities for raises and promotions. By learning more about the field of Health Science and majors that are related to it, you can decide which major will best compliment your Health Science degree.

Health Science-The Basics

Although broadly defined, health science is basically a set of applied sciences (both natural and formal) that are used to develop knowledge, technology, or interventions that can be used in the fields of public health and healthcare. Three prevalent fields of specialization within the health science sector include life sciences, physiological science, and medical physics or bioengineering.

Majors For People With Health Science Degrees

Once you have attained your degree in Health Science, you may want to pursue more education to help you advance professionally. If you make this decision, it will be important for you to decide which major will best compliment the degree that you already have. When you begin the selection process, remember that determining what type of position you’re attempting to attain should guide your decision-making process.

Although there are a wide variety of great majors to compliment a degree in Health Science, one you might seriously consider is Complementary and Alternative Health Practices. This could be a good minor for individuals interested in a natural healing vocational path. Within the field of Complementary and Alternative Health Practices, students study health, wellness, and healing from unique perspectives. Some of the courses one might expect to take include Health Issues in a Multicultural Society, Human Understanding, and Medical Anthropology.

Another great major that would compliment a Health Science degree would be one in Nutrition Science. Nutrition Science is a field that incorporates the complex and contiguous relationship between our bodies, nutrients, and health. In studying Nutrition Science, you would likely attain information regarding things such as how salads are transferred into usable energy as well as how things such as exercise, aging, and illness affect our digestive processes. You might also explore the latest research regarding subjects such as the benefits and potential dangers of antioxidant supplementation.

Another great major for individuals with a Health Science degree is Dietetics. Dietetics is the study of human nutrition and other sciences for the purpose of designing and managing nutrition programs within schools, nursing homes, hospitals, and various other settings. Some topics one might study while pursuing a major in Dietetics include food preparation, client education, diet design, and the link between diet and health. Attaining a degree in dietetics can be economically profitable. In discussing this matter, Dawn Rosenberg McKay pointed out that the median salary for dietitians and nutritionists was $54,470 in 2011.

Yet another great major for individuals with Health Science degrees is Health Policy. Health policy is a field that explores the relationship between health policy and the organization, provision, and financing of health care in the United States. This is a particularly good minor for individuals who want to work within the field of health policy and planning or health care administration.

One final major option individuals with Health Science degrees should consider is Epidemiology. This minor explores the skills and principles required to examine the factors that are associated with the development of disease and disease prevention. This is a great major for individuals who want to pursue population medicine or population health vocationally.


If you are interested in pursuing a major to compliment your Health Science degree, you should know that doing so can be a very advantageous decision. By considering the information listed above, you can determine which major would be right for you.


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