What Are Some Types of Specialization In Health Science?

There are a great many health science specializations that incorporate knowledge from a variety of other fields. Persons working in this field often work in association with other professions in order to enact good health. A health science specialization allows them to work with that focus, helping people gain and maintain proper health. Specializations such as those listed below are distinct from each other in the overarching theme of health science.

Nutrition Science

Students with a specialization in nutrition science gain a deeper understanding of how diet choices influence total body health and wellness. The latest research in food science and nutrition is incorporated into a nutrition-based program, as well as an introduction to critical analysis of diet and nutrition fads. With a nutrition specialization, students are better able to evaluate the health and lifestyle of their clients, family, and friends, and advise changes in order to improve quality of life. An understanding of the changes made throughout the stages in life – from infants to the elderly – mean nutrition scientists usually specialize and work with one particular portion of the population.

Health Policy

Health policy is concerned with the changing politics and policies surrounding community and societal health. It is based less in applied science and more in sociology, political science, and psychology. Students learn in theoretical class-based approaches, as well as in real-world applications, how to manage and prevent disease transmission, and increase community health through working with the public. Jobs exists in local community, county, state, and federal agencies, as well as private third-party organizations that work as a liaison between the public and the government. Many issues fall under the realm of health policy, including safe food and water availability, disease control, climate change, and emergency preparedness.


A narrow field that is, however, integral to the assessment and implementation of public health policies, biostatisticians evaluate data concerning community health and supply it to policy makers. Biostatisticians can help to identify health trends and make note of important occurrences, as well as lead to making life-saving measures. Important decisions are made with the careful use of biostatistics, so this field is great for students with attention to detail and with great math skills.

Applied Microbiology

There is an entire microcosm of bacteria, viruses, protozoans, and other microorganisms that influence human health in a variety of ways. Having a specialization in applied microbiology means that students are poised to identify beneficial microorganisms from harmful, and potentially dangerous ones. Microbiologists working in the public health realm work to prevent and manage outbreaks of contagious diseases through proper hygiene and sanitation. The science of microbiology is gaining more importance as microorganisms are becoming recognized to have a much more important role in human health. A specialization in applied microbiology can further lead to careers in food science, medical science, environmental science, and biotechnology.

Health Care Administration

This is a specialization that is very necessary to manage public health in an organized approach. Health care administrators can go on to lead health and medical offices, public and private hospitals, as well as work in governmental health organizations such as the Center for Disease Control or the World Health Organization. Aspects of working in health care administration include working with finances and budgeting, managing human resources, quality control and improvement, as well as marketing.

Health science is one of the most important fields in the world, with jobs that range from working one-on-one with a person with special dietary needs, to ensuring the health and safety of entire populations. While these jobs are challenging, with a lot of responsibility, they are just as rewarding. Health science specializations ensure that each job has the most educated person working in it, able to impart their special knowledge so that every human can live their life healthfully.

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