What is the Employment Outlook for Careers in the Health Science Field?

If you’re considering the viability of various careers in the health science field, perhaps you’re wondering whether or not one of these occupations would be a worthwhile choice of jobs to work towards. Will there be jobs available in the health sciences niche when you’ve finished the long, challenging process of acquiring the education you need? Is this a career path that is in demand and trending up? What is the future employment outlook for jobs in the health science field, anyway? Let’s explore the answers to these questions by looking at employment data provided by the US government.

Workers with careers in the health science field do a diverse range of jobs, but they all have one thing in common; their job description is focused on helping others to stay healthy or regain lost health. This niche accounts for a staggering number of jobs in the US economy. As of the year 2015, analysts at the US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated there were about 12.2 million US jobs in the health science niche.

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This is indeed a lucrative field in which to seek employment, and the demand for health sciences workers is growing. Analysts at the Bureau of Labor Statistics predict that, up until at least the year 2022, the majority of new job openings in this field will be in the therapeutic services specializations.

The Future Employment Outlook for Registered Nurses

Demand for registered nurses is growing the fastest out of all health science job titles. Experts at the BLS are forecasting a huge 16 percent growth rate in the numbers of new job openings for RNs, which translates to about 439,300 more jobs for RNs by 2024 than there were as of the year 2014. Demand is especially strong for well-educated nurses who hold a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing (BSN).

The Future Employment Outlook for Nursing Assistants and Orderlies

Demand for nursing assistants and orderlies is growing at a tremendous pace. Experts at the Bureau of Labor Statistics are predicting 18 percent growth in the number of available nursing assistant job titles that will be available by the year 2024. New job opportunities for orderlies are likely to become available at a rate of 11 percent until the year 2024, according to BLS projections.

The Future Employment Outlook for Physicians and Surgeons

Healthcare practitioners are in growing demand as the US population ages and as people become aware of new medical technologies. Analysts at the BLS are predicting a 14 percent rate of growth in employment levels for physicians and surgeons up until the year 2024. To keep costs down, many physicians’ offices are increasingly assigning much of their workloads to physician’s assistants, so demand for qualified assistants is also growing at a rapid pace; BLS data suggests that there will be a whopping 30 percent more jobs for physicians’ assistants in 2024 than there were in 2014.

As you can see, there’s little need for concern that there will not be any available jobs in the health science field. Assuming your personality is a good fit for this line of work, you can pursue a health science education and career with confidence. Careers in the health science field will offer ample opportunities for talented, well-educated individuals who have the right mix of skills including empathy, outstanding interpersonal skills and the ability to prioritize effectively.