5 Advantages of Becoming a Nurse Practitioner

A nurse practitioner is someone who saves lives, improves others, and represents the face of caring for an entire industry. While there is certainly plenty of work to be done behind such a status, the rewards to being a nurse practitioner are many and great. For those wanting to learn more, here are five distinct advantages to becoming a nurse today.

Job Security

As a nurse, you will cater to a clientele base that only grows. As world populations grow, so do the populations of cities, suburban, and even rural areas. The result is more and more people needing the kinds of services only found through doctors and nurses.

In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics considers nurse practitioners to be part of a greater group of nurses currently experiencing a substantial growth rate. Per the bureau, the job growth rate for this group, until 2024, is around 31%. This is quite high and a sure sign of plenty of job security to come.

Great Pay

The ability to live comfortably is truly one of the chief human pursuits. When a particular career allows us to do that, it is considered by most to pay well. Nurse practitioners, as an overall surveyed group, make a mean annual wage of around $104,610. In hourly terms, that’s right around $50.30 per hour. While it’s certainly true that not everyone lives comfortably at the same exact income cusp, such an income without spending too many years in school is a huge win to most standards today.


To some, flexibility isn’t a huge deal-breaker when it comes to finding that perfect job. For others though, family situations and personal aligns mean that any flexibility in life is a true blessing. As a nurse, one will likely encounter plenty of flexibility not found in the common workplace.

One way in which this occupation is often flexible is its consistent offering of benefit packages even when the employee may only work part time. Another mode of flexibility seen here is the diverse settings and times of day and night in which nurses are needed. Consequently, a nurse may choose to work in a home-care environment, a doctor’s office, a hospital, in a traveling capacity, day or night, or even interchangeably between such choices.

Meaningful Work

It’s often true that some truly have a hard time finding happiness, despite money, fame, material possessions, and so on. This can sometimes be due to a lack overall meaning arranged into one’s life. While we won’t go so far as to say that this job is the perfect completer to any incomplete life, we can say that it is full of meaning all the way to the core of saving lives. For most, this can really give a sense of uplifting purpose and fulfillment most other jobs simply cannot.

Greater Personal Applications

Yet another terrific advantage to becoming a nurse is that of lifelong skill and trust applicability in a wide range of areas. Such a professional always provides a better medical safety net at home and in their personal life than those uneducated in medical science. If you or someone close to you is hurt or needs medical advice, you will be of great use. Furthermore, additional jobs, memberships, relationships, trust, and many other life endeavors are made much easier to grasp when your background is one based in caring, integrity, and saving lives like nursing.

Nurses are an essential backbone to virtually all medical establishments. These are only five advantages of the many to becoming a professional in this particular industry. For even more information on becoming a nurse practitioner, it’s highly recommended that you inquire with a leading resource in the field, the American Nurses Association.

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