5 Excellent Blogs That Focus on Nutrition

When visiting this list’s blogs, you can determine the vitamins that many foods contain, the effects of certain foods on the body, the levels of nutrients that each person requires and ingredients that can detoxify the body, and most of the blogs feature many detailed recipes. Some of the websites also provide descriptions of case studies, analyses of trends, webinars and the results of surveys.


This site features posts that evaluate food allergies, the effects of nutritional deficiencies, facts about carbohydrates, compounds that may reduce inflammation and the risks of counting calories. The blog has numerous posts that analyze foods that can help individuals to lose fat and to increase endurance, and certain articles describe dishes that may augment levels of certain hormones, such as testosterone, dehydroepiandrosterone, thyroxine and triiodothyronine. Moreover, the blog offers many infographics that provide statistics and analyze trends that are associated with nutritional requirements.

The Institute for Integrative Nutrition’s Blog

This website features many posts that evaluate how certain foods can mitigate the impact of medical conditions, and some articles examine the potential effects of nutritional deficiencies. Visitors can also find tips that may enhance fitness, improve well-being, augment an individual’s level of vitamin D and boost bone density.

Certain posts provide lists that describe interesting information about the body, and several articles indicate the sizes of various organs, the levels of nutrients that the body may require, the amount of bacteria in the body and the attributes of the skin. Furthermore, the organization dedicated a sizable category to trends that can improve health and little-known strategies that may boost levels of nutrients in certain foods.


This blog provides a wide array of recipes for vegans and facts about hundreds of foods. Many of the site’s posts are related to organic farming, and some articles help readers to find foods that are grown locally. The website also offers detailed news about the food industry and the demand for various types of products.

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Eatdrinkbetter.com contains posts that evaluate the safety of certain foods and the practices of well-known companies that produce drinks. The site also provides updates that describe new labels for products, tax credits for businesses that produce organic foods, political news and strategies that can improve safety.

The International Food Information Council’s Blog

For more than 25 years, the organization that manages this blog has provided consultations that are associated with nutrition, analyzed equipment that produces food, examined the vitamins that are found in certain products and evaluated techniques that may reduce the risk of bacterial infections. The website features posts that describe the beneficial effects of many herbs, spices and natural oils, and some articles list fruits and vegetables that can decrease the effects of certain medical conditions.

The association commonly conducts surveys that evaluate taste, safety and the dishes that customers prefer. In addition to posting the results, the organization will sometimes create an analysis that compares the responses to trends in the food industry.


This website features a large number of distinctive recipes and has categories that are related to fitness, healing, inspiring information, beauty and detoxification. Certain posts analyze foods that are able to enhance the smoothness and the thickness of the skin, and some articles list products that contain antioxidants, fatty acids and anti-inflammatory compounds.

This blog lets each guest create an account and post comments underneath articles. A visitor may develop an extensive profile, send messages to guests, save favorite posts and receive notifications that are related to new articles.

Utilizing the Blogs

These sites may help an individual to calculate the amounts of vitamins that they are receiving every day, find foods that are produced locally, identify additives that some products contain, determine the nutritional value of each food and find products that may boost metabolism. Particular posts also describe the symptoms of food allergies and factors that can alleviate certain symptoms of allergic reactions. Additionally, most of the blogs have posts that allow visitors to create healthful tea and custom coffee.