5 Great Blogs About Global Health Research

Global Health Research Blogs Every Professional Should Read

  • The Collective Voice
  • The World Health Organization Media Centre
  • Global Health Policy Blog
  • The Lancet Global Health Blog
  • PLOS Global Health Blog

If you’re interested in global health research, you’ll be happy to know that there are a variety of blogs available that cover this topic. With news from Reuters coming out that some physicians may be biased against research done in poor countries, it has become important for every professional to keep up with all of the study and data in the field. For a well-rounded education, we suggest following the blogs listed below.

1. The Collective Voice

The Global Health Council is behind The Collective Voice, a blog that focuses on research and development in the field of global health. Contributors are regularly cited as experts or professors in their specialty, and great care is given to ensure that the articles are written from an unbiased viewpoint. Should any conflicts of interest arise with a contributor, it is always clearly marked within the article or at the bottom of the page, next to the contributor’s biography. This is an incredible resource for global health students and professionals as the blog regularly explores new research findings and distributes news on developing studies.

2. The World Health Organization Media Centre

While not strictly a blog in its own right, the World Health Organization’s Media Centre is still a treasure trove of information that any researcher would be happy to have. The site offers videos, infographics, press releases, news, and research findings from peer-reviewed studies. WHO also has a “commentaries” section in which professionals and WHO staff’s own personal views on research into the limelight. Readers will also find fact files, fact sheets, overviews, and more listed on the site, which is regularly updated on a nearly daily basis.

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3. Global Health Policy Blog

A blog that has a stated focus on global health policy, this blog nevertheless endeavors to ensure that research articles are regularly found in its archives. This blog, which is hosted by the Center for Global Development, is one of the most popular destinations for global health experts and researchers. It is important to note here that this blog is US-based, and while efforts have been made to branch out into Europe and other areas, the bulk of the information found on the site does have a direct impact on developed countries. This is not to say that research from developing countries cannot be found, but the site does focus on US and UK researchers.

4. The Lancet Global Health Blog

The Lancet Global Health blog is the companion of the site’s namesake journal, which regularly updates with new research findings. The blog itself also discusses research on a variety of different topics within global health, such as vaccines, women’s health, urbanization, and neglected tropical diseases. This blog is updated regularly throughout the week and includes research and other news topics from around the world, making a concerted effort to shine a light on non-communicable diseases and environmental factors that may play a role in global health.

5. PLOS Global Health Blog

The Public Library of Science was established in 2001 and is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the distribution and acceleration of knowledge in the fields of science and medicine. It is the home base for a variety of blogs in these areas; among them, a global health blog. The blog is an open access publication, meaning that there are a number of contributors who work as freelance writers; however, most are experts in global health and other related fields. The blog is updated on a nearly weekly basis and focuses on global health news and updates. Research findings take precedent on the blog, and many of the newest studies are discussed by its own authors and by others in the industry.

Research is a critical aspect of understanding the impact of global health. Professionals and students understand the need to stay updated with new information, which is why finding resources on the subject are beneficial to everyone. Now that you’ve taken a look at these five great blogs about global health research, you can make a better assessment of your own education on global health.