5 Great Blogs That Will Get You Excited About Health Science

Health Science is a broad field that includes a variety of careers all geared towards bringing healthcare and medicine to humans and other living things across the globe. Using science, technology, engineering,traditional medicine, folk medicine, and even spiritual healing, health science professionals improve the overall health of beings of all walks of life. Interested in learning more? The following 5 blogs about health science are a great place to start!

1. Health and Science via The Washington Post

The Washington Post’s Health and Science section features articles by experts hailing from all over the world, covering every nook and cranny of the field. Whether you seek to learn about genetic links to disease or how scientists are using military technology to get nutrients to endangered animals this resource provides enough reading material to last a lifetime. If you don’t want to miss a beat, you can easily sign up for Health and Science alerts that will let you know, by email, every time a new post has been added for your reading pleasure!

2. National University of Health Sciences Student Blogs

Interested in reading about health science from the perspective of students making their way into the field? The student blogs from the NUHS is a great place to start. Read unique opinions from students learning oriental medicine, naturoptathic medicine, massage therapy, chiropractics, biomedical sciences, and more. Blogs written by admissions officers and professors are also available! This is a wonderful resource for individuals who are considering a career in the health sciences who want to learn more about the experience before taking the plunge!

3. Global Health Sciences Student and Alumni Blogs

The student and alumni blogs from Global Health Sciences gives a broader set of perspectives for the prospective Health Science professional. Unlike blogs about health science that give a purely Western view, these health science blogs are written by doctors, scientists, and other experts in the field who experience issues on a global scale. If living and working abroad seems like a path you would like to take, these bloggers will help you get even more excited about your future career!

4. Health via NPR

Do you enjoy reading about public health and science but want to read articles that are a little bit different than what you read everywhere else? The Health section from NPR may be exactly what you’re looking for. NPR has long been known as a trustworthy alternative news source with unique opinions and subjects that often go uncovered by mainstream outlets. From learning about the lack of healthcare access in prisons to the future effects of the Zika virus in the U.S., NPR brings fascinating health science issues to the forefront and provides endless hours of reading material.

5.Harvard Health Blog

Harvard is known for it’s world class medical program, and their School of Public Health carries the same great reputation. The Harvard Health Blog covers ever topic imaginable from women’s health to men’s health, cancer, mental health, pain, and so much more. With the tagline “trusted advice for a healthier life”, it is clear that this health science blog is appropriate for everyone whether a health science professional, student, prospective student, or interested member of the public. This is the place to come to read the works of world-renowned, respected experts in every area of health science, both nationally and globally.

There are thousands of blogs about health science from around the world waiting to be read. Get excited about your future in the growing field of health science by reading the amazing tales of those who have already found their calling!

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