3 Important Health Tips for Men Over 40

health-tips-men-over-40It goes without saying but men are living long, productive lives well into their later years. There truly are no limitations on what is possible in today’s world. Activities once considered exclusive to younger generations are being adopted by more and more men in their early 40s and beyond. Indeed, there are many middle aged men in much better health than those half their age.

Unfortunately, good health comes with a price. There are health related realities that every man must face when they reach a certain age. In order to remain active and vibrant, managing these realities must become a priority. Devoting sufficient time and energy towards proper healthcare, however, becomes harder as one gets older. Careers, family and a host of other factors drain time and energy. By taking just a few key factors into consideration and changing certain behaviors, it is more than possible to improve or sustain a healthy lifestyle for many years to come.


A man in his 40s has a greater chance of acquiring illnesses that younger generations don’t have to be concerned with. Cardiovascular disease, for one, may have lethal results if contracted. For this reason, every effort should be made to prevent such diseases from developing. Integrating organic dietary supplements is a great way to boost immunity in middle aged men. Vitamin E and C, in addition to fish oil packed with omega-3, are good starting points. Because bone and joint illnesses like osteoporosis are common in older men, supplements with natural calcium should also be considered when developing a supplemental diet.


Being 40 means taking control of eating habits. Ingesting whatever you want, whenever you want begins to have serious consequences. Healthy eating habits are intricately woven into the benefits of a proper supplement diet. Ten fruit and vegetable servings can go a long way with older men. Risky foods, on the other hand, should be avoided or reduced. Take sodium for instance. Foods high in salt, which had little or no effect in youth, become harder to process as men get older. The amount of sodium in a diet should be cut significantly to reduce harmful or unwanted developments. With less salt, water retention decreases, which in-turn lowers the chances for elevated blood pressure. Fat is another risk that should be avoided or reduced at all costs. Consuming too much fat has proven links to heart disease. Simple choices, like using margarine instead of butter or cutting away fat from meats prior to consumption, are easy ways to avoid problems down the road. This article is a good resource for additional dietary information.


Possibly the most well-known deterrent to poor health in middle-ages and older is consistent exercise. Working out regularly has very significant benefits associated with it, including reduced chances of heart disease, slower artery hardening, weight reduction, and even slowing the aging process itself. With all these advantages, exercise is by far the hardest for men in their 40s to adopt. Time commitments and the overall effort involved often make a workout less than desirable. Getting started, however, and making a habit of it will quickly change even the most skeptical of minds. This article is a helpful workout plan to get you started today.

Life does not have to stop as men get older. With a positive attitude and proper care, a healthy, energetic lifestyle can continue or even begin. With just a little work and discipline, middle aged men can make this new slogan valid; 40 truly is the new 20!